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Last updated 01-11-2018

The websites www.vitamineman.nl and www.vitamineman.com are owned by BergaMet Nederland BV and contain information on food supplements. These food supplements are intended as a supplement to a normal diet.

Food supplements are not medicine; they support your health. The effect of food supplements varies from person to person.

None of the information contained on our websites must be regarded as a claim or an assertion that the offered products are intended to be used for the treatment or prevention of any disease.

Any advice provided is purely free of obligation and exclusively concerns food and food supplements. If you are physically ill, please consult a doctor, health practitioner or therapist and follow his or her advice.

If you take medicines, never independently make changes in the frequency of taking them or the dosage. Always consult your own doctor first.

Bergamet Nederland BV states that the information published on www.vitamineman.nl has been drawn up carefully and to the best of our knowledge. BergaMet Nederland BV cannot in any way guarantee the completeness of or any errors contained in the information provided on this website.

BergaMet Nederland BV and the authors do not accept any liability for damage of any nature resulting from acts and/or decisions based on the content of this website.

Please consult the general terms and conditions and terms of delivery before making your purchase.

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